Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

BHCK Vision

“BHCK to be a leading provider of quality higher education for women in the State of Kuwait”

BHCK Mission

“As the sole private institution of higher education for women in Kuwait, Box Hill College Kuwait (BHCK) is committed to creating a quality learning environment for students that provides the opportunity to acquire necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the local job market, or to pursue further tertiary education pathways”.

BHCK’s Guiding Principles

BHCK is committed to continuing its pursuit of higher quality in tertiary education for women in the State of Kuwait.

BHCK is committed to the culture of continuous improvement and to seeking specialized accreditation from reputed international accreditation agencies.

BHCK is committed to currency of its academic programs, quality improvement in teaching, relevance of research and active involvement with the Kuwait community.

BHCK plays a key role in attracting and preparing female students to be professionals and to acquire skills that allow them to serve the Kuwaiti economy.

BHCK plays an effective role in preparing female students to acquire skills that allow them to successfully pursue further tertiary education pathways.

BHCK is aware of the growth in the number of private universities offering in Kuwait and in the region, and it strives to build up viable comparative advantages in the face of increasing competition.

BHCK is committed to evolving into a regional attractive tertiary education institution for women.As a private college, BHCK will continue to develop sound financial strategies to support its academic programs, initiatives and other academic activities.

BHCK Motto

“Knowledge & Skills – Building a Future”