Learning Resource Center

Learning Resource Center

Mission Statement

Box Hill College Kuwait’s Learning Resource Centre (LRC) mission is to support teaching, learning and research for Box Hill students, and in conjunction with Box Hill’s Mission; to create a positive learning environment. The Center provides a welcoming, safe and comfortable study environment, in addition to resources and materials that are relevant to the core teaching areas of Box Hill.

Services Offered

Course specific one-on-one academic support – this is accomplished through highly trained academic specialists, graduate assistants, and undergraduate tutors.

Access to Box Hill Institute (BHI) Australia’s E-library services and online resources.

A range of on-line databases to locate current information.

Meeting rooms dedicated for team work assessment and research.

Provision of guidance and training in the use of the LRC.

Photocopying and printing facilities.

Access to computers and software.

Information about course related resources.

In addition, LRC organizes workshops and activities, to promote its services and help students learn to independently access BHI databases, carry out research, evaluate and cite resources. LRC organizes library orientation sessions and workshops dedicated to:

Dewey Decimal Classification System

Boolean searching Skills

Evaluating of Web Resources

Electronic Reference Resources of Information

Copyright Basics


APA Style

Effective Notetaking

Effective Resume Writing

For additional information, please contact:

Tel: 1842425 Ext. 505

Email: h.mansouri@bhck.edu.kw