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Pathways of Knowledge: Lifelong Learning Opportunities

CENTER FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION, CONSULTING, TRAINING & EXECUTIVE SEMINARS (CECOTES) AT  BOX HILL COLLEGE serves as a vehicle for the implementation of Box Hill’s strategic initiatives about developing strong ties with the community.  In line with Box Hill’s vision and mission, CECOTES aspires to broadening the scope of the educational practice at Box Hill, through providing quality services to private and public sector organizations and NGOs in the State of Kuwait.

CECOTES Guiding Principles

To foster partnership relationships between academia and the business world with an aim to serve the BHCK mission.

To promote cross-functionality and multi-disciplinary approaches in relation to the range of services offered to the community.

To pursue practical management solutions for both public and private sector organizations, and for NGOs.

To promote faculty development through inspiring academic rigor in applied research and consulting activities.

CECOTES has a broad goal of undertaking high-quality interdisciplinary consulting and training services, and disseminating practical findings that address significant challenges for organizations in the State of Kuwait. It also provides a platform for collaboration across the Box Hill academic departments that would allow for promoting a new core of applied research and consulting infrastructure that strengthens Box Hill’s standing in the academic community, and its ability to generate further revenue and attract and retain top-tier faculty.