Student Affairs Division

Student Affairs Division


Foster and support a student culture that encourages individual achievement and success through the understanding of diversity and embracing of leadership


Student Affairs Division is dedicated to providing quality services and programs that support the College’s mission. Students’ guidance and administration are provided from the moment they are welcomed for orientation until they graduate. The Division fosters students’ academic success, personal growth, career development, retention and persistence to graduation.

Office of the Director of Student Affairs

Divisional Scope of Services

The Office of Student Affairs is committed to students personal and career development by directing Student Affairs resources to ensure that services and support are provided by a diverse team of individuals in multiple capacities.  It helps students find their own niche, develop their campus life and advance their college career, as well as provides access to a wealth of resources, on-campus communities, programs and services. Providing students with assistance in a variety of ways as they explore their academic and co-curricular interests is the Director’s goal as she works with students, alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and the off-campus community.